Saturday, November 10, 2012

Return to Santiaguito, November 2012

by Benjamin Phillips

A new field campaign on Santiaguito begins tomorrow. A subset of the January team is back, supplemented by new faces. We were greeted in Xela today by a fiesta, including a death metal concert immediately outside the Hotel Modelo. Luckily, as of the writing of this post at 10pm the celebration has taken on a more subdued nature.

The focus this week is on imaging, sample collection, and mapping. Some will head first into the domes for two nights to test cameras and collect samples from below, while a small team will head straight to the summit to commence photogrammetry efforts. Look for an update later in the week.

November 2012 Santiaguito Team members:

Organized by
PI Jeffrey Johnson, Boise State, with student Brian Terbush

Dome imaging and sampling team
Corrado Cimarelli and Fabian Wadsworth, LMU Munich
Yan Lavallee, U. Liverpool, with student Adrian Hornby
Ben Kennedy, U. Canterbury, with student Emma Rhodes
Jake Anderson, New Mexico Tech
Danny Bowman, U. North Carolina
Lee Liberty, Boise State

Summit photogrammetry team
Ben Andrews, Smithsonian Institution, with student Ryan (U.T. Austin)

Documentation (and assisting with photogrammetry from the domes)
Ben Phillips, U.S. DOE / SRA Intl.

Logistical credit to
Armando Pineda, Mountain Guide

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  1. Wow, Death Metal, in Spanish? How did the sound compare with the erupting Santiaguito?
    Wishing everyone the best for a successful expedition!